Our History

Petralco Oil was established in late 2007, with the focused aim of trading oil and oil products. These products being Gasoil (Diesel 500ppm & 50ppm), Mogas (Petrol 93ULP/LRP & 95ULP/LRP), JetA1 & Avgas as well as the Total South Africa (Pty) Ltd range of lubricants. Since then Petralco Oil has steadily broadened its market share within the petroleum & lubricant markets.

What distinguishes
us from our

Petralco Oil is a resolutely independent company. We are unencumbered by external shareholders and the need to answer to analysts and investment funds. Instead, Petralco Oil is staffed by energy professionals with a true depth of experience and passion. Our shareholders are our employees, and this fosters a true spirit of partnership within our company. Every aspect of our business and its well-being is of elemental importance to us. We attract talented entrepreneurs who thrive within the exciting opportunities that an independent company gives them. We're strong, resourceful and flexible. We trust our people, and give them considerable responsibility. We make decisions quickly, with short chains of command. This, in turn, ensures long-standing partnerships with our customers, who look to Petralco Oil for lissom thinking, creative solutions and an unwavering commitment to Integrity.